VIDEO: School performs surprise ‘flash mob’ for dedicated head teacher’s retirement

Primary School children in Northampton gathered together in a playground to put on a show-stopping performance for their head teacher’s retirement.

Kay Gerrett joined Cedar Road Primary School 11-years-ago and was waved goodbye yesterday by staff and children following a song and dance to some of the head’s favourite hits.

Cedar Road Primary School pupils held a flash mob for their retring teacher.

Cedar Road Primary School pupils held a flash mob for their retring teacher.

Mrs Gerrett told the Chronicle & Echo that she has been teaching in Northampton for almost 40 years.

She said: “The performance blew me away, we had our church service Friday afternoon, it is always very moving because of the building. A lot of people have put a lot of effort into me leaving.”

The head started her career at Thorplands 38-years-ago and has worked at two other schools before retiring at Cedar Road, after a successful 11-years.

She added: “The staff here like having fun. It’s hard sometimes to keep the fun, but if you’re happy, you learn. It’s all about every child feeling motivated and supported and that can be by asking how are you feeling today, do you need a cuddle?

Kay Gerrett and acting head teacher Rhys Penny.

Kay Gerrett and acting head teacher Rhys Penny.

“Nobody can go on forever, you know when the next phase of life will start. I will try and keep my hand in, I love teaching. I hope to volunteer with a small group of children at a different school.”

Cedar Road pupils, aged between four and 11, had been rehearsing for up to a month to put together the surprise.

Rhys Penny, acting deputy head, told the Chronicle & Echo that Mrs Gerrett was an “inspiration.”

He said: “Kay Gerrett has been here for 11 years, she is an asset to the school. She is passionate about teaching and she does and always will put the children first with everything and anything, from supporting them and helping sort funding for after school clubs.

“It’s hard to put it into words, it’s such a happy place to come to work, but Kay will be such a loss. I’ve learnt loads from her, I can’t imagine January, I’m excited but nervous.

“The parents will all miss her, her door is always open. I’ve worked here for 14 years, most of my career has been with Kay. It’s incredible, she’s someone I’ve looked up to without a doubt. If I ever become a head, I aspire to be like her.”

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