Video: Royal & Derngate Actors’ Company member takes Victoria Wood +ME show to Edinburgh

Mo Shapiro ENGPNL00120130326132917
Mo Shapiro ENGPNL00120130326132917

A member of the Royal & Derngate Actors’ Company is taking her solo show, Victoria Wood +ME, to the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh next month.

The show has tourned village halls in Northamptonshire, as well as The Guildhall. It will also be previewed on July 17 at NN Cafe and on July 29 at the Richmond Village.

Victoria Wood + ME brings alive Wood’s best loved characters through Gladys Winter, Victoria’s number one fan. The show is directed by Jack Randle and Gladys written by Louise Roche, the creative team behind international, hit musical, Girls Night,

Mo Shapiro uses Victoria Wood’s songs and sketches to tell Gladys’s story. Hers and Victoria’s lives have a spooky synchronicity. As Gladys points out: “We were born on the same day, in the same year, at the same hospital – so we could almost be twins!”

Wood’s genius for finding the comic in everything cheers Gladys’s otherwise ordinary life. Victoria Wood+ ME is Gladys’ big night out and her chance to keep Victoria Wood’s comedy live.

Gladys has developed the uncanny knack of morphing into one of Wood’s crazy characters at the slightest sign of trouble. She is delighted to have the chance to demonstrate the similarities between herself and Victoria Wood to what she hopes will be sympathetic audiences.

Mo performed Sylvia in Checkout Girls and Miss Hannigan in Annie at Milton Keynes Theatre, both of which won Milton Keynes Best Community Theatre Production Awards. In 2014 she played various roles in a professional production of A Tale of Two Cities directed by James Dacre. Mo was directed in The Visit by Laurie Sansom and observed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn, playing Veronica Lake in his Revengers Comedies as a member of the Actors Company at The Royal & Derngate.

Mo Shapiro has been a Victoria Wood fan for many years, watching her live shows in their home town of Manchester, Oxford and the Albert Hall. She was thrilled when Victoria gave her permission to create a show using her material.