VIDEO: ‘Rapping dog’ from Northamptonshire raising awareness for spaniel hereditary condition

A woman from Northamptonshire is hoping her video of her King Charles spaniel ‘rapping’ is going to go viral in raising awareness of a canine health issue.

Charlotte Mackaness, from Boughton, is part of a group of pet owners campaigning to make testing for two painful inherited conditions in the spaniels mandatory.

Last month she launched an online ‘march’ to the Kennel Club in London after claiming it had shown a lack of action in tackling a health crisis among Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

This month the mother-of-three, who is calling for regular testing of the spaniels to be introduced, has launched a video of her pet King Charles Beebee ‘rapping’ in a bid to raise awareness about the conditions.

Beebee has a painful neurological condition called syringomyelia, which Mrs Mackaness believes could become a thing of the past if breeding King Charles dogs are tested for the condition.

Mrs Mackaness, said: “We just thought, do you know, if people even watch this for 10 or 20 seconds, it will make them aware of the condition - thanks to Beebee rapping.”

The clip was put together by video making firm Superstar Pets using a single still image of Beebbe.

Mrs Mackaness wrote an alternate version of the Cameo hit ‘Word Up’ for the video, and Superstar Pets have animated Beebee’s mouth to lip-sync the words.

At one point the high-pitched sounding pooch raps: “Sign up, breeders please test.

“The Kennel Club won’t force it.

“Yo, we only want the best.”

Mrs Mackaness has now received 10,000 names on a petition to introduce screening of King Charles parents before they are allowed to bread.

Research had proved breeding from parents screened clear of these conditions improved the chances of producing healthy, disease-free offspring

Yet there was no obligation for breeders to do these tests, even to become part of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme.