VIDEO: Police and fire offer on-the-spot courses instead of fines to motorists caught speeding in Northampton

Police and fire services came together in Northampton today to offer mini on-the-spot road safety courses to motorists caught speeding in residential roads.

Drivers snapped travelling between 35mph and 42mph along Abington Park Crescent, which has a 30pmh speed limit, were stopped by police officers and, instead of being issued with penalties, were offered education on the importance of road safety by fire and rescue services personnel.

Police and fire services offer roadside mini courses to motorists

Police and fire services offer roadside mini courses to motorists

The aim was to offer a “positive engagement”, encouraging drivers to behave more safely on the road by emphasising the consequences of dangerous driving.

They were asked a series of questions about their actions and shown a presentation about road safety in a roadside community outreach vehicle - formerly a fire appliance.

Sara Postlethwaite, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue leader of the Safer Roads Engagement Team, said: “We’ve been asking people bluntly how they would feel if it was their relative or friend who had been knocked over, injured or killed by someone who was speeding and if they would accept an excuse like “I was distracted or I was in a rush for an interview,” and actually no excuse is good enough.

“A lady that was stopped for speeding this morning told us she was more likely to take notice of this than she would have done if she’d had a penalty notice.”

Matt O’Connell, a team leader from Northamptonshire Police, said: “There is also an element of anti-social behaviour to it. People who don’t follow the rules because the problem isn’t in their back yard.

“It makes real sense for us (police and fire services) to work together as best we can. We certainly have some shared key messages to get across.”

PC Nick Pink added: “This is something we are looking to roll out across the county.”