VIDEO: Northampton shopkeeper chases gun-wielding robbers out of his shop

A Northampton shopkeeper has been hailed a hero after he thwarted a gun-toting gang.

Monday, 8th May 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:56 pm
The three robbers burst into Ecton Brook Post Office on May 2. One of the gang has a gun pointed at shopkeeper Bipin Patel...

Bipin Patel's brave efforts, captured on clear CCTV footage, has even been viewed by more than 100,000 people online.

At around 10am on Saturday, May 2, three balaclava-wearing robbers ran into Ecton Brook Post Office, which dad-of-two Mr Patel has run for more than 30 years.

But rather than handing over the takings when the leader of the group pointed a gun at him, Mr Patel ducked to the floor to sound a security alarm.

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...But brave Bipin chases the gang out after sounding the alarm.

Within seconds, the 54-year-old sprang to his feet to give chase to the fleeing gang while stunned customers looked on.

Speaking to the Chron this week Mr Patel said: "I don't hang about, me.

"I was just serving a customer like you would normally, when maybe three or four people burst in.

"They came in like a rocket through the front door shouting 'give me your money'.

...But brave Bipin chases the gang out after sounding the alarm.

"But I just said, 'no you are not getting away with this'.

"I pressed the button (the shop alarm) and when they heard that they just ran.

"I thought, 'this is my livelihood, I'm not having that' - so I went after them."

Mr Patel said he could not describe what was going through his mind when he saw one robber - who was possibly a youth - waving a gun at him.

"I wasn't even thinking whether he was gong to shoot," said Mr Patel. "I didn't give a monkey's.

"These guys are idiots, they could have knives on them, all sorts. So I just did my best to catch them. Two of them were shorter than me, I probably could have tackled them."

Mr Patel gave chase to the trio as far as the Ecton Brook residential home 200 metres away before losing them.

He posted the CCTV footage online in a bid to catch the robbers.

And since carrying out the brave act, Mr Patel has been inundated with praise from people in the community - some of whom call him "dad" because of the standing he has gained in the community.

On Facebook, Shelley Humphries said: "Hope they find them... I can't believe you chased them Bipin, what a shock."

And it is not the first time Mr Patel has chased off a set of would-be robbers from his shop. Back in the 1990s he recalls pursuing a similar-sized gang when they held up the store.

"I don't mess about, me," he added. "I'm quick and fast - I try and catch everyone."

Northamptonshire Police is appealing for witnesses to the attempted robbery at around 10am on Sunday, May 2. If you have any information, call the force on 101.