VIDEO: New dessert parlour opens in St Giles Street in Northampton

A new independent business offering a range of sweet treats has opened in Northampton town centre.

Magic Bean Emporium in St Giles Street opened its doors to the public for the first time on Monday.

Magic Bean Emporium sells a variety of sweet treats including cakes, pastries, crepes, ice cream, puddings, croissants and hot and cold drinks.

Michella Dos Santos, 30, came up with the idea of opening the fairytale-inspired business for the younger market, although she says there is something for everyone in her new pudding parlour.

Originally from South Africa, Miss Dos Santos said: “I used to work at a school in Northampton and the pupils would always moan and say there wasn’t anything for them to do.

“I have noticed there isn’t much for young people to do in Northampton so I wanted to do something fun for them.

“I’ve tried to incorporate a fairytale theme from all the classics. But there is also stuff for the older crowd as well.

“It’s a typical dessert parlour. They are quite popular in South Africa but there’s nothing really like it over here.”

The interior of the dessert parlour was inspired by a book currently being written by Miss Dos Santos, also a writer. She describes her book, The Flying Feather, as having a ‘Harry Potter’ feel and she hopes the Magic Bean Emporium will inspire more children to read.

She said: “I want to encourage children to read and I’ve done lots of little museum-style written pieces around the parlour about fairytales. Also if people buy a book and produce the receipt, I will give them a ten per cent discount.”

Velvet Grey, an interior design shop in Wellingborough Road, has contributed to the interior of the Magic Bean Emporium.

Lisa Phillips-Murray, owner of Velvet Grey alongside business partner Una Illing, said: “We really wanted to support Michella. She’s got something really different to offer. She’s got a beautiful mind and it’s good to support each other.”

Miss Dos Santos took over the former Food Hall delicatessen in September and has been working with Northampton Borough Council to make sure her business fitted in with St Giles Street, which is popular for its independent firms.