VIDEO: Magician ‘Dynamo’ tricks people in the street for Northampton-based parody film

'Dynamo' playing tricks on people in Abington Street
'Dynamo' playing tricks on people in Abington Street

A parody of Dynamo the magician has been created by Northampton filmmakers who pounced on unsuspecting people in the town centre.

Parody Dynamo: Magician Improbable Teaser was filmed in Northampton in March last year featuring various locations within the town centre.

Directed by Laurence Chase and performed by Millan Lakhani, the men set out to make the parody for a bit of fun.

Laurence said: “The idea of creating a parody of Dynamo originally stemmed from us wanting to create videos for Youtube, simply for the fun of it.

“We previously joked that Millan looked somewhat like Dynamo so this was a natural starting point for us - a parody enabled a lot of potential for material.

“We spent a few nights writing and planning the first episode, then we grabbed our gear and a couple of friends and took to the streets to prey on unsuspecting members of the public.

“Probably one of the most cringey things I’ve ever done but it was a lot of fun and a learning experience.”

Laurence and Millan are flatmates who met through work. Millan is a web developers, while Laurence is an animator/camera man.

Laurence said: “We each work for established companies in Northampton. It was nice to not do something corporate for a change.

“The original edit came in at 14 minutes, but we had to be ruthless and cut the scenes down to a much shorter six to seven minutes.

“We tried to be objective and think, is this actually funny or are we finding this funny because it’s us doing it? But overall feedback has been positive and we hope to do more soon.”