VIDEO: ‘It’s insane how selfie and Adele and I has spread around the world’, says Northampton look-a-like

A superfan from Northampton has become a worldwide Twitter sensation after singer Adele invited her on stage to test how similar they looked.

Emily Bamforth, 27, of Abington, gets regularly compared to the popstar by passers-by according to her fiance, Tom Winkler.

Emily Bamforth says it has been an 'insane' few days after a selfie of her and Adele went viral. 0HwM4liBJnPu6srwV63v

Emily Bamforth says it has been an 'insane' few days after a selfie of her and Adele went viral. 0HwM4liBJnPu6srwV63v

But when they both got VIP tickets to see Rolling in the Deep singer Adele play in Birmingham, husband-to-be Tom, 27, took the chance to compare them properly.

“It was after two or three songs into the concert, everyone had sat down so being as tall as I am I just stood up and put my arm up as if I was at school,” he said.

“Then Adele said, ‘have you got a question’?

“I just said ‘right - I’ve been told my girlfriend looks like you’.

“Then she said - ‘come on then, up you come,’ I couldn’t believe it.

“Em got up and looked at me as if to say ‘is this really happening’?”

Adele and Emily posed for a selfie on stage, which has now been shared around the world.

And as Emily walked back to her seat multi-million selling singer Adele joked that Emily was her “doppleganger”.

“When she came to sit back down, I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger smile on her face,” Tom added.

Speaking to the Chron, Emily said she could not believe it when Tom stood up on Tuesday night.

“He is very much the extrovert, and I’m the introvert - as soon as he stood up I knew what he was doing, we were so close to the front.

“I felt like he stood there for minutes with his hand up - he isn’t shy.”

Emily was so nervous she had to get Adele to take the photo herself.

But the photos of her moment in the spotlight have gone viral on Instagram and Twitter, and since then the young couple have been inundated with interview requests from media outlets around the world, including US news channel CNN.

“It’s insane how it has spread,” Emily said. “I didn’t expect it, it was such an amazing moment and to get a picture of it was so special.”

Tom, who proposed to Emily in November last year during the interval of the Lion King musical, says he put his hand up because Emily’s mum had dared him to do it.

He also says Emily, who knows all the words to Adele’s latest album 25 and also went to see the singer the next night with her mum, was even stopped moments before the gig someone saying she looked like Adele.

Tom said: “She was stopped on Abington Street last week as well by someone saying she looked like Adele.

“It seems to come from random people at random times.”