VIDEO: Huge smoke plume over Northampton caused by tyre garage and several cars on fire

A huge cloud of smoke has appeared over Northampton this afternoon caused by what appears to be a large fire at a tyre garage.

The source of the smoke is seemingly in the Ruskin Road area of Kingsthorpe, behind It’s a Gift and fire engines are on their way there.

Roads in the area have been sealed off, including Harborough Road, and nearby shops and other buildings have been evacuated.

Fiona Bailey said: “I was about two streets away and I could feel the heat from there, it felt as if something had just gone up.

“I drove on to Brixworth and you can even smell it from there.”

There are six fire engines at the scene.

Picture by Rachel Clarke

Picture by Rachel Clarke

Police said motorists are advised to avoid the area of Ruskin Road as a garage, including some cars outside, are currently on fire.

Ruskin Road has been closed as well as a section of Harborough Road - between Boughton Green Road and Yelvertoft Road.

A police spokeswoman said: “Fire service are on the scene dealing with the fire. Police officers are managing traffic and public safety. Please avoid there area where possible.”

It is believed that the fire started outside of the Auto Services garage on Ruskin Road with eyewitnesses describing it spreading to a nearby van, a stack of tyres and a residential fence.

A worker at the garage, who didn’t want to be named, said: “The fire was in the corner - just tiny, very small.

“I called the fire service but it took ten minutes.

“There were a few cars we had to move that we near the fire.”

Jane Gardner, owner of Gardners Bakery, said: “One of the girls came down from upstairs and they said there was a fire.

“We all went out the back to look but were all thinking we’ve got vehicles out there.

“When everyone went out the back, that’s when we saw the garage was alight.

“There was a pile of tyres outside the garage that were on fire. They had to evacuate the house nearby because the fence was on fire too.

“It was close to the back of our premises.

“The police came round to warn us and they just told us to get out the front”