Video emerges of masked men escaping Northampton jewellers after armed robbery

Video footage has emerged of the five masked men who robbed a Northampton town centre jewellers after ram-raiding it.

They were seen leaving Michael Jones Jeweller in Gold Street, opposite All Saints Church, in a hatchback after they emerged from the shop, which had smoke billowing out of its front door.

The masked men get into their getaway car

The masked men get into their getaway car

An eyewitness described hearing a loud bang while another said she saw some of the men holding machetes.

"I was stood near Circus [clothes store] talking to some friends when I heard this enormous bang," an eyewitness said.

"I looked around and there were these five men getting out a white BMW and then running.

"It appears they have literally tried to rob the place but staff got the shutters down pretty quickly.

"A community responder is there now making sure everyone is okay."

In the video, the getaway car can be heard speeding off down towards Victoria Gardens after swerving around a bus on Bridge Street.

To avoid the bus, the car went onto the pavement causing people to jump out of the way to avoid it.

Pedestrian filmed dodging out the path of getaway car escaping scene of armed robbery in Northampton