VIDEO: Ducklings saved after falling down drain on Northamptonshire estate

Workmen leapt to the rescue to save some young ducks who fell down a road drain while on their way to a pond.

The ducklings were being led from their nest to the pond on the Monksmoor estate by their mother on Thursday morning.

The ducklings stuck on the estate road

The ducklings stuck on the estate road

They made it onto one of the newly built estate roads, but the young birds could not climb up the high curb.

To try and find a lower section the ducks started walking along the edge of the road, but in the process several of them fell down the gaps in a drain cover.

Resident Glenn Cameron, who filmed the ducks, said: “The passing site workers seeing this happen leapt out of their vans and with crowbars and spades opened up the drains and even climbed down into the drains, buckets of water came out to rescue the chicks and return them to their mother where they are now happily swimming on the Monksmoor pond.”