VIDEO: Disabled Northampton man drags himself out of mobility scooter after it ‘lost control’ and hit brick wall

A disabled Northampton man with spinal nerve damage was left to crawl into his ground-floor flat after his electric wheelchair allegedly “went out of control”.

Peter Ford, 43 of Kingsthorpe Hollow, says he was on the ground for three hours with marks on his chest after the mobility scooter “took him sideways into a brick wall”.

Peter Ford at home as his wheelchair allegedly went out of control

Peter Ford at home as his wheelchair allegedly went out of control

Mr Ford told the Chronicle & Echo: ““I shut my eyes, I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“What if this was an older person, this is the point that I want to get across to them. The wheelchair is like my legs.”

The incident happened last month.

Mr Ford had called out an engineer to look at the mobility scooter as it had broken down earlier that day and repairs were carried out.

But when Mr Ford was later using the scooter, he opened the back gate into his property but ended up driving into a brick wall after the scooter lost control on the slope. He says he then had to crawl back into his house.

He telephoned the engineers again who arrived a couple of hours later. The engineer called for an ambulance after he found Mr Ford on the ground.

He adds: “I try to be quite independent, I give myself a pat on the back. I was trying all of that time to get back up on the sofa.

In 2008 Mr Ford had an accident at work, the ladder slipped from underneath him and came down from 20ft. He broke his left wrist in five places and cannot use his hand anymore.

The company says it is investigating Mr Ford’s complaint and concerns over the repairs and will respond once the inquiry has been completed.