VIDEO: Bus bursts into flames near houses in Northampton

A woman has hailed a hero driver for evacuating passengers after a bus burst into flames in a residential area of Northampton.

Flames took hold of the number 19 UNO bus service travelling back into the town from the Park Campus of the University of Northampton.

A bus has burst into flames near houses in Northampton

A bus has burst into flames near houses in Northampton

Two fire engines and around a dozen firefighters attended the scene.

A witness has described the panic as passengers left the burning vehicle.

Nicola Bowler said: "We were sitting near the back downstairs, then people behind us were rushing forward-looking all panicked.

"I thought there was a fight, I looked up and saw big flames, I shouted 'fire'. The bus driver stopped, we were all scrambling to get off.

"My daughter got punched as I pushed her in front of me. The bus driver was amazing, very professional telling us all to walk up the road and away from the bus in case it 'blew' he even rushed back on to get my bag that had everything in. He was calm and reassuring. It was so scary."

Paul Jarrett was on his way to the dentist when he spotted the fire being extinguished.

He said: "They have the fire out now but you can see diesel swilling down the road."

A full road closure is now in place.