Vets in Northamptonshire aim to raise £10,000 for surgery to solve Charlie’s ‘hip hop’ problem

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A pets charity wants to raise £10,000 to pay for a double hip operation for a neglected sheep dog.

Charlie was nine months old when he arrived at Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare near Towcester

Charlie when he was first taken in.

Charlie when he was first taken in.

Weighing just 19kg, he was very light for his breed, emaciated, covered in fleas and worms and had Kennel Cough with a chest infection.

After an investigation by an orthopaedic surgeon, it was found that, due to his neglect, both his back hips pop out when he walks.

Eventually, the problem will cause severe arthritis so dog pound is now trying to raise money to replace Charlie’s hips in two operations, which each cost up to £5,000.

Julie Love, of the charity, said: “When he walks, he takes a couple of steps and then hops.

“We did think the problem was in his knee but it is actually his hips.

“We would desperately like Charlie to have this surgery so that he can have a good life after such a poor start.

“Despite everything he has been through, he is the most friendly, affectionate little dog and so willing to please.”

The charity nursed him back to health and he now weighs 25 kg, however his legs will continue to cause him problems unless he gets surgery.

The medical issue is that the top of the leg (femoral head) actually pops out of the hip socket as he walks along. When he hops the leg goes back into place.

To donate to the fund, which stands at £1,065, visit the charity website.