Vet warns pet owners to watch for toxic mushroom poisoning after Northampton pug's poorly episode

A Northampton vets surgery is warning pet owners about the dangers of toxic mushrooms after a one-year-old pug was poisoned this week.

Friday, 30th November 2018, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:33 am
Poorly pug Dave ate a batch of toxic mushrooms in his garden.

Spinney Lodge Vets, on Kettering Road, were faced with a serious case of poisoning this week when Dave the pug puppy was rushed in for treatment.

The family pet had eaten toxic mushrooms that had sprung up in his owner's back garden - leaving him suffering from diarrhoea, vomiting and unable to walk in a straight line.

Spinney Lodge practice manager Laura Fletcher said: “These mushrooms, called genus inocybe, are very prevalent at this time of year but are toxic to both humans and animals.

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“We immediately admitted Dave into hospital and made him sick in a bid to empty the offending mushrooms from his stomach.

“He was then put on fluids to help his body cope with the toxins and was given activated charcoal to help line his guts and stop his body absorbing any more of the harmful mushroom toxins.

“Dave was very poorly and was with us for a few days but, thankfully, by the end of the week he had finally improved enough to go home.”

The mushrooms are known to pop up in green spaces and gardens and are common after rainy, wet conditions.

Dave's relieved owner said: "This was a very scary episode and we are so relieved that, thanks to Spinney Lodge, Dave has recovered so well.

"I never knew these mushrooms were poisonous and I never imagined Dave might eat them if they appeared, so this all came as a big shock.

"I just hope his unhappy experience can now serve as a warning to all other pet owners to beware of these toxic mushrooms."