UPDATE: Three people caught on CCTV as Northampton’s Market Square fountain filled with bubbles again

Photo by Rich Browning.
Photo by Rich Browning.

A controversial fountain in Northampton town centre has been targeted by vandals again.

The fountain in Market Square was pictured full of bubbles yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

It is the third time in recent weeks that the fountain has been targeted by vandals deliberately tipping something into the water.

Councillor David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council said: “It may seem like a harmless prank, but this sort of behaviour is damaging public property, costing the council time and taxpayers money as we put the fountain right for people to enjoy.

“This weekend a woman and two teenage boys were caught on CCTV putting liquid into the fountain, and it was a simple matter for the police to find them quickly.

“Our network of CCTV cameras covers the area, which means we will catch people in the act or shortly afterwards and we will encourage the Police to press charges for criminal damage.

“The fountain is something that people told us they wanted restored. It is clearly a popular feature as people of all ages have been enjoying it more and more as the weather has improved. So it is a huge shame when the actions of a few thoughtless people mean we have to shut it down for repairs.”

The fountain was designed to attract more shoppers to Northampton market.

The original fountain, which cost around £98,000 four years ago, was turned off in 2012 after traces of legionella were found in the water.

Northampton Borough Council consulted with the public and the majority of those who replied said they wanted the fountain to be improved and switched back on.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said investigations are ongoing.