Uncertainty surrounding snowfall in Northampton

Snow in Abington Park, Northampton.
Snow in Abington Park, Northampton.

Northampton saw a dusting of light snow earlier this morning but the jury is still out on whether we will receive heavier flurries tomorrow morning.

Mike Lewis, who runs Pitsford Hall Weather Station in Pitsford, said it was “touch and go” as to whether Northampton would see snowfall tomorrow.

However he said further East in areas such as Oundle and Peterborough there was likely to be significant snowfall.

Mr Lewis added: “There’s snow in the air but exactly how much will fall tomorrow in Northampton still has a big question mark over it.

“We are more likely to see some significant snowfall further East but it could very well just turn to rain in Northampton.

“It’s surrounded by so much uncertainty that we will just have to wait and see.”

However he said that the current cold weather would continue into next week and although Tuesday is expected to be a dry day, there may be heavy snow on Wednsday before it turns to rain in the evening.