Two taxis operating in Northampton deemed unsafe in crackdown

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A Hackney carriage and a private hire vehicle were taken off the road after spot checks in Northampton.

Random vehicle stops to assess the safety of taxis and private hire vehicles operating in Northampton took place last week.

A spokesman for Northampton Borough Council said 17 vehicles were checked for roadworthiness and licence compliance.

"Twelve vehicles passed the assessment immediately with others receiving warnings for safety issues including faulty lights. One hackney carriage and one private hire vehicle were suspended from use until the defects are rectified," the spokesman said.

The borough council has told the Chron in the past that it has a policy of not identifying the taxi companies involved.

Councillor Anna King, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for community safety and engagement, added: “The safety of passengers, other road users, and drivers themselves is our main concern. The hackney carriages and private hire vehicles operating in Northampton must meet the required standard as part of their licensing conditions and we expect this standard to be met every day of the year.

“The drivers and owners of these vehicles have a duty to ensure this standard is maintained and we will take action against any vehicle that fails to meet the required safety standards."