Two Northampton care homes banned from admitting new elderly patients

Redruth nursing home, Weedon Road, Northampton.
Redruth nursing home, Weedon Road, Northampton.

Two care homes in Northampton have been banned from admitting new elderly people after multiple concerns were raised by inspectors, it has emerged.

NHS papers show Redruth Nursing Home, in Weedon Road, Upton, cannot now take in new residents because of concerns the health authorities have with “the environment, facilities, infection control, record keeping and nursing competencies”.

Cedarwood Nursing Home, in Kettering Road, which is owned by the same company, has also been placed in suspension. NHS Nene said this was over concerns regarding “the environment, facilities and record keeping”.

The news came after Redruth failed all core standards in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in October, in the areas of respect, needs, protection from harm, staffing levels and management.

Inspectors arrived at the home to find a paramedic and ambulance there as a resident needed hospital treatment.

Following the inspection, five elderly people who had been taken to hospital were stopped from returning to the home.

Police have also looked into the death of an 87-year-
old woman there in summer 2013.

The latest NHS Nene paper said of Redruth: “Northamptonshire County Council and NHS Nene have jointly suspended Redruth Nursing Home, Upton.

“The owner has employed Fennell Solutions to manage and improve service provision.

“The [NHS] quality team have raised a safeguarding notification with regard to concerns due to the lack of improvements within the home.”

The home had 17 clients as of January, but the CQC have restricted the registration to a maximum of 16 residents and no one that requires feeding tube or tracheostomy care, meaning more residents will need moving

Monitoring visits and risk assessments on the remaining elderly people there are now taking place.

About Cedarwood, the NHS Nene paper said: “The CQC has inspected the home and issued a warning notice with regard to quality assurance across all areas. The manager has recently left the home. The home has recruited a clinical lead, however the lead is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and this is causing some difficulties with clinical care knowledge and direction of staff. “

NHS Nene said Cedarwood continued to be monitored by the health authorities.