Two mums spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on creating new Northamptonshire nursery

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Two Northamptonshire mums, who claim that there is not enough childcare choice in the area, have spent their life savings on building a nursery from scratch.

In just six weeks, Teresa Sorrentino and Hayley Hannan of Roade have spent up to £200,000 on constructing a nursery so local parents have “better choices for quality childcare.”

The Roade Day Nursery building, which was built from old portacabins and is based on the Elizabeth Woodville Secondary School campus, opened it’s doors two weeks ago to 0-5-year-olds.

Mrs Sorrentino said: “All our life savings have been put into this project. I’m so passionate about my dream.

“Our husbands have both worked so hard on our garden and outside space, getting the nursery ready for the opening while both holding down full-time jobs. They’ve used all their annual leave and weekends bringing this project to fruition.”

Two years ago, the duo originally gained planning permission for another site, which fell through at the last minute.

Mrs Sorrentino admitted that she and Hayley have had fall-outs over the project, but it has only made them stronger.

The nursery owners claimed that they had to knock on farmers doors until they came across their perfect site.

Mrs Hannan said: “It’s going really well so far, we have 19 children and we‘re very happy already. We feel like a family.

“I’ve worked as a nursery nurse for seven years and I’ve always felt there is nothing for smaller children in the area.

“This is an all-inclusive nursery, which means we provide nappies, creams, and food cooked on site, which is very different service that a lot of nurseries don’t provide.”

The Roade Day Nursery owners have also spent between £15,000 - £20,000 on custom-made furniture to meet the needs of the children.

The nursery - which cost four times over the original budget - is split into three rooms to accommodate all youngsters and has a sensory room to help stimulate early learning for toddlers.

It is open from 7.30am - 6pm, 51 weeks a year.

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