Two men come to couple’s aid after car written off in Northampton

Paul and Elaine Harper's BMW following Thursday's accident
Paul and Elaine Harper's BMW following Thursday's accident

A husband and wife have thanked two men who came to their aid after a car crash in Northampton.

Elaine and Paul Harper were driving along Tollgate Way in Duston when they collided with a car coming from Main Road.

Their BMW was shunted across the road and hit a lamppost head-on, leaving their vehicle a write-off.

But two men, one an ex soldier with first aid experience, called the emergency services and helped stabilise the neck of Elaine, who had an existing neck injury.

Paramedics arrived and took over but Mr Harper said he did not get to say a proper thank you to the good Samaritans.

He said: “They were great, not only with Elaine but in reassuring us in the aftermath.

“I was holding her neck as best I could from the passenger seat but one of them got into the back and supported her from there.

“They calmly chatted to us until the professionals arrived but I didn’t really get across our gratitude.

“I want to publicly thank them both.”

When the accident happened, the couple were on their way to an appointment with Riding for the Disabled following a Chron story last week appealing for help to get Mrs Harper - who fell down the stairs and broke her neck last year - riding horses again.

As well as serious damage to the side of the car, much of the impact was caused by hitting the lamppost, which Mr Harper said was a blessing.

He said: “Had the post not stopped us, we would’ve continued into the traffic on the other side of the carriageway. Who knows what would’ve happened then.”

The couple went to hospital but scans indicate they did not suffer any significant injuries from the crash.