Two long-serving office staff at Northampton primary school have retired

Kathy Startin, office manager (left) Anita Bartram, business manager (right)
Kathy Startin, office manager (left) Anita Bartram, business manager (right)

Two members of staff who have worked at a Northampton primary for a combined total of almost 60 years have both retired.

Kathy Startin and Anita Bartram, have worked so long at Bridgewater Primary School they now see the grandchildren of some of the pupils they remember at the school.

Mrs Startin, who works as the office manager, and Mrs Bartram, both worked at Abington Vale Middle School before Bridgewater opened in 2003 when Northampton changed from a three-tier to two-tier system.

Mrs Startin said: “I feel quite emotional. It is the end of an era.

“We are really good friends and we have worked so well together it is nice we are retiring together. I will be spending more time with the grandchildren and catching up with friends.

“We have seen through three generations of children. It is really lovely seeing them all progress through their careers.”

Mrs Bartram said: “The school has changed so much since we started. It is now more like running a business than a school

“Lots of the children at Bridgewater do exceptionally well.”