Two Grange Park councillors who live ‘hundreds of miles away from Northampton’ have resigned

Mark Davidson NNL-140826-104600001
Mark Davidson NNL-140826-104600001

Two councillors, including one who lives 260 miles from his Northamptonshire ward, have resigned.

Mark Davidson and Tharik Jainu-Deen, both elected as Conservatives, have tendered their resignation as South Northamptonshire councillors for the ward of Grange Park with immediate effect.

Tharik Jainu-Deen NNL-140826-112932001

Tharik Jainu-Deen NNL-140826-112932001

A statement released by the district council says the two councillors have resigned due to “work and personal commitments” resulting in both councillors moving out of the area.

The Chronicle & Echo reported earlier this month that Mr Davidson, who is believed to have moved to Sunderland, had attended just four out of 31 meetings since February.

Mr Jainu-Deen, whose LinkenIn profile states he works for a company based in North Yorkshire, has attended six out of 20 meetings in the last six months.

When contacted by the Chronicle & Echo earlier this month, Councillor Davidson said he would “always carry out all of his duties” even if he didn’t live in Grange Park any more.

He said: “I never have, and never will, claim expenses either. I didn’t ask for my job to change, but it has and I can’t help that.

“I would struggle to get there for 5pm meetings. I’ve always done my best to represent Grange Park, but I have to provide for my family.”

Council leader Mary Clarke told the Chron on August 2 Mr Davidson would resign “today or tomorrow.”

A date for a by-electon will be announced soon.