Two drug dealers from Northampton jailed for four years after being caught in undercover operation

Northampton Crown Court NNL-140423-093950001
Northampton Crown Court NNL-140423-093950001

Two drug dealers from Northampton have been jailed for a combined total of four years for supplying class A drugs, including cocaine and heroine.

Joab Mugugu, aged 18, and Hanad Baalwaan, 22, were sentenced at Northampton Crown Court on Friday after they were caught selling drugs to undercover police officers in the town.

The court heard both men were arrested in April after selling drugs, mainly heroine and cocaine, during a police crackdown on the street drug dealing scene between February and April this year.

James Thomas, prosecuting, said that both men had taken turns in using a phone line nicknamed “Jimmy” to respond to requests to buy drugs.

Mr Thomas said that on one occasion when officers had arranged to buy drugs from Mugugu, he spat out the “wrap” of class A drugs that he had been concealing in his mouth when he saw the officer approaching.

The court also heard that Baalwaan was caught on one occasion carrying up to 40 wraps and, on another, carrying £940 in cash, which he claimed had been given to him by an uncle to transfer to a family member overseas.

Mugugu, of Great Field Court in Thorplands in Northampton, was charged with 26 counts of supplying class A drugs and was sentenced to two years and two months imprisonment.

Baalwaan, who grew up in Holland for 11 years before moving to Hangerfield Court in Lings in Northampton, was charged with six counts and was sentenced to two years and eight months.

Judge Lynn Tayton QC, sentencing, said: “I believe your involvement in the drugs operation was significant, even if you were lower in the pecking order. Only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

James Mclernon, defending Mugugu, said his clients involvement in organising the operation was minimal and said he was acting as a drug runner for other people,

He said: “The organisers of these drug chains use men like this as buffers, deliberately keeping them at arms length from any important information and keeping their knowledge limited. They prey on desperate people with a degree of vulnerability.