Two arrested at Northampton train station as part of national operation to tackle knife crime

Northampton train station.
Northampton train station.

Northamptonshire Police carried out two stop and searches at Northampton train station and arrested two people.

Police forces across the country are taking part in Operation Sceptre from 12 – 16 February, with the support from the British Transport Police (BTP), as part of a national week of action tackling knife crime.

On Tuesday (February 13) Northamptonshire Police made two stop and searches in relation to drugs.

One man was arrested as he was wanted by the county force in relation to an indecent assault case, and a 17-year-old boy was also arrested.

The boy, 17, has been charged with possession of a knife in a public place. He was charged this morning (Wednesday) and is due to appear at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on 20 March.

Operation Sceptre, which originated with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, involves a range of tactics including proactive operations and community engagement.

BTP’s Supt Susan Peters said: “Knife crime is low on the railway network, but we know that some people who carry knives travel on trains and gather at transport hubs, which is why BTP is taking action to identify these people and deter them from carrying knives.

“Knife crime takes lives and devastates communities. We are supporting the national week of action across the country through community engagement and operations at transport hubs.

“A main focus for us will be talking to people at stations and on trains, particularly young people, as statistics show that people aged 16 to 25 are more likely to be carrying knives.

“We are aware that there are many reasons why a young person might carry a knife and we are working with community groups and safeguarding teams on these issues.

“We want people travelling on the railway network to feel safe and reassured by the action BTP officers are taking alongside our colleagues in other forces and partner agencies.”

Commander for Territorial Policing at Metropolitan Police, Dave Musker, said: "Regular, focused activity such as this is essential in helping remove weapons from the streets of London, and makes a major contribution to the fight against knife crime."