Tribute to Northampton’s former Prime Minister Spencer Perceval removed by workman

Statue of Spencer Perceval inside The Guildhall.
Statue of Spencer Perceval inside The Guildhall.

Conservative MP Michael Ellis is calling for the reinstatement of a commemoration marking where one of his predecessors was assassinated in the Houses of Parliament.

The Northampton North MP has said he is upset that the set of “disordered tiles” in St Stephen’s lobby - which marked the spot where Spencer Perceval was assassinated on May 11, 1812, while serving as Prime Minister - had been removed by workman after a recent renovation.

Mr Ellis said he believed it was important Mr Perceval’s death should be marked in the Houses of Parliament and said he is planning to raise the issue with the Leader of the House, during business questions on Thursday morning.

Mr Ellis said: “The spot where Spencer Perceval was assassinated has been marked with the disordered tiles in St Stephen’s lobby for decades and it is an important part of Northampton’s and the country’s history.

“I am calling for some sort of brass plaque or marker to be placed on the ground to mark Spencer Perceval’s place of death.”

Perceval was on his way to attend an inquiry but, as he entered the lobby of the House of Commons, a man stepped forward, drew a pistol and shot him in the chest.

He was declared dead shortly after.

The assassin, John Bellingham, was a merchant who believed he had been unjustly imprisoned in Russia and was entitled to compensation from the Government, but all his petitions had been rejected.