Treasured Rolex stolen off Northampton man's wrist by two women who 'groped and mauled him' against his will

A Northampton pensioner says he was robbed of his £6,000 Rolex by two strange women who "mauled and fondled" him on his own front drive.

Saturday, 26th May 2018, 9:54 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:51 am
The 6,300 16610 Rolex Sub-mariner was the pensioner's "pride and joy".

Despite telling them to stop touching him and leave him alone, the man says the two women slipped the prized watch off his wrist in a "rehearsed routine" as he was fetching groceries out of his car on April 14 at 2.30pm.

At one point in the invasive theft, one of the women - who were around 40 years old and had Spanish accents - tried to undo his trouser zipper.

He ordered them to leave. But he didn't realise he had been robbed until the two women disappeared - along with his treasured Rolex, which he had owned for 21 years.

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"They just came up to me off the street and started touching me everywhere," he said. "I told them to leave me alone, but they just mauled me. My neck and my arms and everywhere."

The 70-year-old realised what had happened as he stepped through his front door, when he noticed they had also taken an 18-carat gold chain from around his neck.

He immediately drove up the street to find the thieves. But they had vanished.

He suspects the girls had been dropped off by someone who spotted his watch when he visited the nearby Asda not 15 minutes before.

He said: "They spotted my watch, they followed me home and then told those girls to take it off me."

He called the police straight after, but to date no CCTV of the women in the area or the Asda supermarket has been recovered.

The pensioner said: "That watch has been with me to Africa, Cyprus, Europe, and all across the globe. Only for it to be stolen from me on my front drive.

"It was my pride and joy."

The rolex was also uninsured.

It comes after 31-year-old Jordan Bailey-Mascoll, from London, was stabbed to death and robbed of an identical Rolex Sub-mariner on July 15, Woolwich Crown Court heard this week.