Travellers who have been on Northampton park for nearly a month contest order to leave in court

The cluster of caravans on Abington Park has been there for nearly a month.
The cluster of caravans on Abington Park has been there for nearly a month.

A cluster of caravans that have been pitched up near a playground on a Northampton park for nearly a month is fighting a court order for them to leave.

The small encampment of caravans has been on Abington Park - near to a pedestrian crossing outside St Peters & St Paul’s Church - since November 19.

The group living there was even served a court summons to attend Northampton Magistrates on December 5 after the county council's Countywide Travellers Unit applied to remove them.

However, the Magistrates has adjourned the case until next week - meaning the travellers will remain at the park until the next hearing.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Following the completion of statutory required health and welfare assessments, the Countywide Traveller Unit commenced the legal process to remove the Traveller encampment from Abington Park.

“A Direction to Leave notice was served on Wednesday, November 28; this was not complied with and a summons to attend court was issued.

“The CTU attended the Magistrates Court on Wednesday, December 5 to apply for an order to remove the Travellers. The Travellers attended the hearing and contested the application.

“The Magistrates adjourned the matter until December 17, so no further CTU enforcement action can take place in the interim.

“Meanwhile the Police and the CTU will continue to monitor the encampment.”