Travellers return to Abington Park in Northampton for third time in three months

Travellers targeted Abington Park in June and July
Travellers targeted Abington Park in June and July

A group of travellers have pitched up on a Northampton park, at least the third incident of its kind there this summer.

Court proceedings have begun to remove the encampment from Abington Park after at least three caravans and accompanying vehicles arrived there last night.

In June, a group of travellers were spotted in the Northampton park a week after bollards had been installed.

Then in July, a 15 caravan encampment gained access to the park, forcing a colour run to change venue to the Racecourse.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: "The Countywide Traveller Unit (CTU) have begun court proceedings to remove the traveller encampment from Abington Park and are working to obtain a legal notice, ordering them to vacate.

"We are working with Northamptonshire Police to monitor the site – including the use of a Section 61 Order, if necessary."