Travellers given 24 hours to leave Northampton park

One of the four caravans on Whitehills
One of the four caravans on Whitehills

A group of travellers who have gathered on a Northampton park have been given 24 hours to move on.

The four caravans are said to have arrived on Whitehills Open Space on Saturday, April 22 and have until Thursday to leave.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said on behalf of the Countywide Traveller Unit: “The site has been visited by the CTU and issued with a notice, giving the travellers 24 hours to move on.

“If the encampment has not gone by tomorrow, we will be in court on Friday to seek a court eviction order.”

Northamptonshire Police said they had received a “couple of calls” relating to some children causing a nuisance in the area surrounding the travellers.

When attending the site, however, police reported there was no one there.