Traveller camp that has been the subject of complaints across Norhampton now split across two parks

Travellers arrived on Abington Park yesterday.
Travellers arrived on Abington Park yesterday.

A large traveller encampment that has been drawing complaints around Northampton has been split between two picturesque parks.

The camp of 30 caravans, which first appeared Lings Park a week ago, before moving onto Eastfield Park, has now split between Abington Park and Kingsthorpe Park.

At Abington Park, the travellers are position by a set of football pitches.

Both encampments have, again, been ordered to leave under section 61 of the Crime Justice and Public Order Act after complaints about the noise of quad bikes and motorcycles being used.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The Countywide Traveller Unit has undertaken a full assessment of the unauthorised encampment in Abington Park, Northampton. A section 61 notice has been served, which gives the travellers until tomorrow to move from the site.”

A section 61 notice has also been issued at the Kingsthorpe site under the same time scale.

Lings Park and Eastfield Park have both been left in a state of disrepair after the group has left this week, according to reports.

It is still not entirely known why the camp has chosen to pitch up in several places around Northamptonshire.

Speaking about this particular group of travellers, chief Inspector Alexander-Lloyd of Northamptonshire Police, said; “Where there is a funeral, a wedding or a family occasion, we know why they are here.

“On this occasion, I am not aware that this is the case.”

One person living near to Abington Park said the site of the camp there has left people using the picturesque greens there dismayed.

She said: "There is a huge community that walks dogs through the part they have pitched up on. It is not just me who is frustrated. They have spread out a lot.

"What really frustrates me is that they are not really taking care of the land either. I saw them driving their cars down to the public toilets across the park."