St James depot sees last First bus

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Bus passengers have lamented the last ever use of the First depot in Northampton by public transport.

First Group services departed the St James depot for the last time on Saturday following the announcement that 
the company was pulling out of the town after about 100 years.

The Northampton Bus Users Group said it would have preferred the depot to remain in use to stay.

Patrick Rawlinson said: “Realistically there was 
nobody to take it over because Stagecoach are quite happy where they are in Far Cotton.

“However there is, of course, some sadness that we have seen the last bus at the St James depot.”

According to the bus users group, FirstGroup inherited 91 buses and 30 services and ended up on Saturday with 17 buses and three services.

Mr Rawlisnson said FirstGroup had “allowed the 
service to deteriorate to the point it wasn’t worth continuing.”

A spokesman for FirstGroup said: “In the past few years unfortunately people may have noticed a drop 
in service but further back 
we served Northampton 

Northamptons Bus Users Group have said they will not miss FirstGroup.
Patrick Rawlinson said: “They seem to have concentrated on their train and bus services elsewhere. They’ve been like an artist with a foot-long brush, remote and exercising very little control.”
A FirstGroup spokesman said: “We operate across a large area, sometimes vehicles have to be moved around .”