Residents winning war on speeding motorists

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The fight to stop four residential village streets being used as rat runs is bearing fruit, a council has said.

A speed survey carried out in Duston before Christmas revealed that 78 per cent of people driving in Weggs Farm Road were breaking the 30mph limit.

And on Boxing Day, a hit-and-run incident in Cotswold Avenue led to a 56-year-old man being taken to hospital.

But after the results of the survey were published locally, including in the Chron, subsequent checks have a shown “minimal” numbers of speeding motorists.

PCSOs carried out a two-day operation where they checked 135 drivers in Weggs Farm Road, and only six were found to be over the limit.

The original survey, commissioned by Duston Parish Council, also checked for speeding drivers in Main Road, Wrenbury Road and Cotswold Avenue.

Parish council chairman Alan Earle said: “The PCSOs are doing quite a lot of on-the-spot monitoring and it would appear to have got better. The number of cars they have ‘pinged’ is minimal.

“My concern once we had found out [about the problem], was to try and do something about it so no children, or anyone else, got injured.

“It would appear to have significantly dropped, especially in Weggs Farm Road. Hopefully what we have done has justified the means.”

PCSO Andy Wood said: “We are pleased to report that the majority of vehicles were adhering to the speed limit and only six were slightly exceeding it. One was found to be driving at 31 mph, four at 32 mph and one at 36 mph. Warning letters were sent to the registered owners.”

Further measures to reduce speeding are being considered. Main Road has more than 15,000 car movements a day and traffic calming measures could be introduced.