Readers back Chron campaign for inquiry into Northamptonshire stretch of the M1

M1 roadworks taken from the bridge at Watford Gap services. NNL-150127-152604009
M1 roadworks taken from the bridge at Watford Gap services. NNL-150127-152604009

Readers have back the Chronicle & Echo campaign for a review of safety on the Northamptonshire stretch of the M1.

Yesterday, the Chron called for an inquiry by the Government after a spate of accidents since the roadworks began last year. Nearly 100 accidents have been recorded. Tragically, one person lost their life and 10 people have been seriously injured.

Dozens of readers have given their support to the campaign, sending emails or leaving messages on our social media platforms.

Sam Caunt said: “As someone who live and works in the area I can only say that these roadworks border on the irresponsible. I accept that delays are necessary to carry out important infrastructure repairs but I have serious reservations about this set of roadworks.

“They are too long and should have been done in stages albeit at higher cost.

“Incidents are more likely in a longer stretch than in a shorter stretch of works, incidents which not only lead to delay but also accidents and fatal casualties.”

James Gillam said: “I moved to Northampton in July but still work in Brackley. This means a daily commute on the A43 via Towcester.

“I have been flabbergasted how often there are accidents and closures on the M1 which, of course, then result in tailbacks and increased traffic on other routes.

“I know there are a lot of people moving around at peak-times but the number of occasions that there are issues is staggering. An inquiry is certainly merited,” he added.

Lucy Tee uses the A45 on a daily basis.

“When there is an incident on the M1 it severely affects this route and many more in Northants.

“I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve been stuck in traffic. It seems there is an incident almost every day. As a knock on effect it also means I am late for work or charged extra for collecting my child late in the evening.

“There must be thousands of people in and around this county who are inconvenienced daily/weekly.

“Whilst my delayed journeys home annoying, the bigger issue is obviously the safety of drivers and passengers on the M1. It is clearly unsafe on this stretch of the M1 and it is has been for such a long time now,” she added.

Jo Robinson said: “I whole heartedly support a review into the M1 stretch of roadworks - urgent action is so obviously required before there are even more fatalities - this should have been looked into after the very first accident.

“It has been left too long already. Please action asap before more lives are lost.”

Email your views and support for the campaign to, tweet @chronandecho or message us on Facebook via northamptonchron.