Lewis becomes one of the UK’s youngest glider pilots

Lewis Bricknell on his first maiden flight
Lewis Bricknell on his first maiden flight

A teenage aviation enthusiast is feeling sky-high after becoming one of the youngest qualified solo glider pilots in the country.

Lewis Bricknell is just 14, but took to the skies for his first solo flight on February 2.

Lewis, of High Street, West Haddon, has been fascinated by aviation from a young age, and his dad Gary thinks he is only the second person in the UK to get his pilot’s licence so young.

Previously, UK residents needed to be 16 before they could get their licence – but this has been reduced to 14 to bring it in line with the EU.

Lewis, who attends Quinton House School in Northampton, flew from The Gliding Centre in Husbands Bosworth.

He said: “The flight was really nice – my mum was a bit scared on the ground though.

“My grandad Roy was a pilot and he has influenced the flying aspect.

“The youngest person in the UK was a lad in Bicester, but I might be the youngest in the East Midlands.”

Asked whether he had any nerves, Lewis, said: “There is a bit of trepidation but once you are up there, you don’t really notice. You just think about the flying.”

Looking further ahead, Lewis wants to join the Royal Air Force and has ambitions to be an airline pilot. Mr Bricknell said: “To say I’m proud is an understatement.”