Improvements on busy Northamptonshire road will start this year

Northampton. Thorpeville A43 roundabout improvements proposals.'09/01/13 ENGNNL00120130901123020
Northampton. Thorpeville A43 roundabout improvements proposals.'09/01/13 ENGNNL00120130901123020

Improvement plans for a busy Northamptonshire road have been pulled forward following a successful bid for more funding.

A scheme to reduce heavy congestion on the A43 between Kettering and Northampton, which is used by 20,000 vehicles a day, is scheduled to start in spring next year.

But a £2.055m government grant will mean that improvements for the Round Spinney roundabout, which will cost a total of £3.425m can begin this financial year.

Northamptonshire cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, Michael Clarke, said: “A good link between Northampton and Kettering is absolutely essential for the county and a key priority for the county council.

“Anyone who has travelled on this route knows just how busy it can be and, not only is this inconvenient, it is also an impediment to further economic growth and associated benefits.

“I’m delighted that through innovative funding solutions we’re starting to make some headway with this project and I’m pleased that the first stage of works will be starting soon.”

The improvement scheme will be divided into phases, including: improvements to Round Spinney roundabout, dual carriageway linking Round Spinney and Moulton roundabouts (18.75m); a further 2.6km extension of the dual carriageway from the Moulton roundabout to the Holcot/Sywell roundabout (20m), as well as further extensions from the Holcot/Sywell roundabout to the A14 (£65m).

Funding sources still need to be identified for later phases.