Highways experts have pledged to review new road layout at B&Q roundabout in Northampton after concerns

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New road signs are to be erected this week near a roundabout in Northampton that has put motorists in jeopardy since lane markings were amended.

Dozens of Chron readers have complained about arrows painted onto the road before the B&Q roundabout in Towcester Road, which give people in the left lane who are travelling straight ahead to Far Cotton very little warning that they are in the wrong lane.

As a result, people complained of being cut up by confused motorists who suddenly veer into the correct lane on the roundabout.

Several people have said they had almost been involved in accidents caused by the vague markings.

Gaynor Sampson said: “The signs show straight ahead in both lanes until you’re a matter of feet from the roundabout at which point it changes to left hand lane to B&Q only.

“Even if people read the markings, it’s easy to get caught the first time.”

Lyndon Pelka said: “ It’s not just people risking everyone’s safety, I accidentally did this the other day and ended up having to turn around in B&Q and going back.”

Gary Blake said: “I find it crazy they didn’t create a little filter lane into B&Q and thereby leaving lane one for straight ahead and lane two for right turn.”

Robert Joseph said: I’ve been cut up loads since this part of the road was changed and now if anyone’s in left lane I hold back just in case. I don’t think it’ll be long before there’s a serious accident.”

The issue goes back to the re-organising of junctions near St Peter’s Way roundabout, which was completed in early April.

An extra set of traffic lights was installed at the entrance to St James Retail Park to allow easier access to the stores.

But arrows in the left lane pointing straight ahead fool drivers into thinking it is also the correct lane to proceed straight on at the roundabout.

Northamptonshire County Council has now said it will put in road signs in an attempt to forewarn drivers of lane changes.

County Hall has said the markings and traffic lights near St James Retail park are still in a “bedding-in period”.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The new road layout in this section of Towcester Road, Northampton, was recently completed and is designed to reduce congestion by improving access and exit into St James Retail Park.

“Finishing works are taking place and these include additional road signs which will be erected in the coming week.

“As with all new road layouts it does take time for traffic to get used to the new arrangement and with any new scheme there is a bedding-in period where new layouts are assessed to see how they are working and how they integrate with the existing network.

“We are currently monitoring these junctions to see how they function and will take on board any feedback we receive.”