Grieving parents’ bid to lower speeds on Northamptonshire road refused

beccy taylor obit ENGNNL00120110518192631
beccy taylor obit ENGNNL00120110518192631
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The parents of a teenager killed in a car accident have failed in a bid to have the speed limit lowered on the Northamptonshire road where she died .

Rebecca Taylor, aged 18, died in a car crash on the road between Blisworth and Milton Malsor in September 2008 while returning home from dropping her sister at school.

Her mum, Nicole, and dad, Chris, have been lobbying Northamptonshire County Council to lower the limit from 60mph to 40mph in a bid to ensure drivers do not have to deal with four successive changes in the speed limit between Milton Malsor Cemetry and Blisworth.

However, a council panel said three deaths in the last decade, including Rebecca’s, were not reason enough to change the limit and thereby “divert funding away from more pressing measures”.

Mrs Taylor said: “We truly believe it is all tied up in votes and money.

“Votes because it’s not popular to restrict motorists, and money because signs and the policing of a new speed limit 
is money nobody wants to spend.”

She added: “I expect drivers reading our story will think reducing the speed limit would have inconvenienced them. I would say to them they ought to try standing in our shoes. I can tell you as a mum who has lost her daughter that saving a few seconds – and that’s all it is – is nothing compared to a lifetime without a loved one.”