Train job cuts will lead to chaos, union says

London Midland
London Midland

Queues for tickets and customer service will increase if a train company that operates through Northamptonshire continues with its proposal to cut 150 jobs.

London Midland has confirmed that it will be cutting head office and support staff to combat rising costs and has stated that this will not affect ticketing staff.

However, the rail union RMT, has dismissed this claim as a “total pack of lies as the cuts would rip the revenue, gateline and ticketing staffing levels to shreds.”

RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash said: “It is disgraceful that this cuts bombshell was dropped on staff by London Midland through the media – staff have been sent threatening letters telling them that their jobs and livelihoods are on the block without any explanation as to why.

“RMT will now look at an all-out campaign, up to and including the use of industrial action, to stop these cuts, lift the gun from our members’ heads and get proper and meaningful negotiations back on track.”

London Midland managing director, Patrick Verwer said: “The service to our passengers will not be affected by the changes. We have made good progress over the last year. Our train service is much improved and higher customer satisfaction scores tell us passengers can see the difference.

But another RMT spokesperson stated that cuts would lead to chaos in stations, particularly during busy times, and that staff shortage could also compromise health and safety.

Owned by rail operator, Govia, London Midland has been providing train services from London through to Birmingham since since 2007 and operates over 1,300 services in the Midlands every day.