Student may quit in row on bus place pupil Paige

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A MOTHER whose 17-year-old daughter was refused a bus pass by Northamptonshire County Council claims she will no longer be able to attend school.

Louise Stride lives in Cogenhoe and her daughter, Paige, attends Wollaston School, where she is studying for A-levels.

She hopes to go to university and become a pathologist, but her mum said this dream would have to now be put on hold.

She said: “The county council say there’s nothing they can do. They’re under no obligation to get her to school because she’s in sixth form.

“If there was a normal bus route between Cogenhoe and Wollaston I would pay for her to travel on that but there isn’t, and it would cost more than £50 a day for her to go by taxi. There’s a bus from Brafield but I’m not having her walking there and back in the dark.”

Mrs Stride – who also has a son, Jack, 15, who is in year 11 at Wollaston School – said not being able to go to school would be “the end of the world” for Paige. She said: “There’s physically no way I can get her to school to continue her A-levels. The county council are basically saying I have to cancel my daughter’s education.

“She’s conscientious and wants to go to school. It seems ridiculous that she can’t.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said the issue had been revisited but nothing could be done because spaces on the bus were currently fully allocated, and to allocate more would be in breach of health and safety guidelines.

A spokesperson for Wollaston School said: “We have sympathy for this issue and as much as we like to help and support our students wherever we can, the school has no jurisdiction over school transport issues.”

No one from bus company Yorks Coaches was available for comment.