Reminder Blue Badge holders must pay for parking at St Peter's Way car park after complaint

Blue Badge holders are being reminded they have to pay for parking on private land following a complaint about the car park on St Peter's Way.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 6:10 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 8:48 am

Peter Byworth was given a £100 fine after parking for 14 minutes in a disabled bay at the town centre car park with his Blue Badge displayed without paying.

The pensioner argues he did not realise NCP does not allow Blue Badge holders to park for free, unlike previous owners Northampton Borough Council.

"I think it's disgraceful that this company has come in and done this. We have got enough problems in Northampton without this," he said.

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St Peter's Way car park

In November, Mr Byworth parked at St Peters Way car park, picked up a Christmas present at Argos, and left.

But last week the 81-year-old, of London Road, Far Cotton, received the fine from NCP, which he has paid early, meaning it was £60.

He said: "£60 for 14 minutes - it's getting absolutely ridiculous. I think parking in Northampton is ridiculous, especially for a disabled person."

Northampton Borough Council used to allow Blue Badge holders to park for free at St Peters Way car park but this changed when NCP took it over in September, 2018.

More than 150 fines were issued to Blue Badge holders who had used the car park without paying soon after the switch were refunded by the firm after a Chronicle & Echo campaign.

But now drivers are expected to know the laws, according to NCP.

An NCP spokesman said: "NCP has always adopted a consistent approach to parking for Blue Badge holders within our car parks and our signage stating this is very clear on the entrance and around the car park in Northampton.

"We work very closely with People’s Parking Awards to make our sites as accessible as possible and have the highest number of PPA accredited sites of any parking operator for Blue Badge customers in the UK."