London Midland adds extra carriages to peak time train from Northampton to London

Picture: London Midland
Picture: London Midland

Extra carriages are being added to two peak time trains today to and from Northampton and London Euston.

The additional space part of a new timetable started by London Midland yesterday.

London Midland‘s new timetable brings a host of extra services from Sunday 10 December.

The changes include four extra carriages from London Euston to Northampton on the 5.13pm to Birmingham New Street, making 12 carriages in total. There will also be four extra carriages on the 5.21am from Crewe to London Euston before it stops in Northampton.

London Midland’s director of passenger services, Tom Joyner, said: “This is an innovative timetable that reflects the changing ways people are travelling and using our trains.

"The earlier Sunday arrivals into Birmingham and more late night services across our network are based on what people have been telling us they want from their local train operator- easier, simpler better journeys at the times they need them.”