Tory MP for Northampton launches attack on ‘embarrassed’ Prime Minister

Brian Binley
Brian Binley

Conservative MP, Brian Binley, has launched another attack on David Cameron, claiming the Prime Minister is ‘embarrassed’ by some of his party members.

The outspoken MP for Northampton South has become a regular critic of the Prime Minister, with attacks on both his leadership style and stance on issues such as Europe and green energy.

Following this week’s vote to back gay marriage, Mr Binley has warned the Prime Minister’s determination to push forward such ‘pet projects’ has split the party.

He said: “I’ve been an active member of the Conservative Party for 53 years and I can say with confidence this is one of the most difficult periods it’s ever faced.

“This isn’t just about the division over the vote, this is about disillusionment running throughout the entire party.

“I’ve seen inter-party arguments over the years and I’ve seen numerous disputes and splits, God knows the Tory party’s seen its fair share of in-fighting. But I’ve never experienced this level of disaffection before in the voluntary ranks.

“There is a growing chasm between the leadership and the party itself and it leaves me deeply, deeply worried.”

The MP, who could not attend the vote on gay marriage because he was receiving treatment for cancer, also claimed there was an idealistic split between the Conservative leadership and party members across the country over such issues as gay marriage.

He said: “Too often we’ve seen the Prime Minister acting as though he’s the party’s proprietor, but he needs to understand he’s its caretaker.

“He must reflect the views of his supporters. Instead, he seems to see his party members as something of an embarrassment when they don’t subscribe to his social crusades.

“It showed throughout the gay marriage debate as he reacted to his party’s objections.

“He seemed continually baffled that there should be any opposition at all.”