Tories take Northamptonshire Police Commissioner job

Returning officer David Cook introducing Northamptonshire PCC winner, Adam Simmonds
Returning officer David Cook introducing Northamptonshire PCC winner, Adam Simmonds

Conservative Adam Simmonds is the new police commissioner for Northamptonshire.

The Tory candidate took the election after a second round count, securing 40,923 votes compared to Labour’s 30,551.

The first round results were Adam Simmonds, Conservative, 30,436; Lee Barron, Labour, 25,098; John Norrie, independent, 19,276 votes; Jim MacArthur, UKIP, 18,963; and Paul Varnsverry, Lib Dem, 7,394.

Mr Simmonds and Mr Barron were forwarded to the second round of counting, when the second choices of the other three candidates were considered.

Despite finishing second, Mr Barron could never have taken the job.

An arrest in 1990 banned him from taking the position.

The situation developed after a staggering 8,487 people in Corby voted for Mr Barron, skewing the vote massively.

In Northampton, he came second in the vote, with 6,248 votes.

Mr Simmonds came first in the town, with 6,740, Mr Norrie received 5,286 votes, Mr MacArthur got 4,573 votes and Mr Varnsverry came last with 2,962.

Mr Simmonds won the votes in Kettering, South Northants, Wellingborough and Daventry by clear margins.

However, he did not got the required 50 per cent after the first round.

In the first result to be declared, Mr Simmonds won in Kettering, with 3,915 votes, around 34 per cent of the vote.

Second was Mr Barron, 2,500, followed by Mr MacArthur, 2,403, Mr Norrie, 2,065 and Mr Vansverry last with 650 votes.

In South Northants, the results were Mr Simmonds, 4,045 votes, Mr Norrie, 2,817, Mr MacArthur 1,991, Mr Barron, 1,290, and Mr Varnsverry last again with 870.

Wellingborough results have also been declared.

Mr Simmonds topped the poll with 2,773, followed by Mr MacArthur, 1,908, Mr Barron, 1,829, Mr Norrie, 1,522, and Mr Varnsverry, 460.

The other first round result to be declared is in Daventry where Mr Simmonds won with 3,757 votes.

Next was Mr Norrie, 2,698, Mr MacArthur, 1,753, Mr Barron, 1,165, and Mr Varnsverry 644.

The Corby vote saw Mr Barron win with huge 8,487 votes, Mr MacArthur second with 2,939, Mr Simmonds third with 2,348, Mr Norrie fourth with 1,735 and Mr Varnsverry last, again, with 763.