Tories labelled 'incompetent' by Jeremy Corbyn after Northamptonshire inspection report

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Jeremy Corbyn branded the fallout at Northamptonshire County Council as complete "incompetence" during Prime Minister's Questions today.

Since Max Caller's damning inspection report released last Thursday, the Conservative leaders at County Hall have come under fire from all angles.

Today Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opened up the Wednesday session in the House of Commons by questioning Theresa May on the failures here in the county.

During his opening salvo, he asked: "Can I ask whether the collapse of Northamptonshire County Council is the result of complete incompetence at a local level or complete incompetence at a national level?

The Prime Minister hit back, saying: "If you look at what's going on in relation to local councils, obviously there has been that report into Northamptonshire County Council.

"But let's just look across the board in relation to councils.

"If there is one message for everybody that's Conservative councils cost you less."

Mr Corbyn, then criticised the decision in Northamptonshire to begin outsourcing services to mutual companies three years ago, in a move known as the Next Generation Model.

"Now that council has gone bust," he continued.

"Does the prime minister believe that the slash-and-burn model for local government is really a good one?"

The PM hit back again by saying the crisis at County Hall was "not due to a lack of funding" from central Government.