Top Northampton baby names in 2015 revealed on UK’s biggest live database

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A new report has revealed the number one names given to baby boys and baby girls born in Northampton in 2015.

The list compiled by Bounty Parenting Club reveals that boy’s name Oliver and girl’s name Amelia are the top baby names in Northampton for the second year running and also the top names UK wide.

Leo and Evie are the highest climbers in the top 10 for Northampton, along with Ava - which also held rank in the top 10 UK-wide list.

Lisa Penney, of Bounty, which says the list is the largest ‘live’ database of baby names in the country, said: “Choosing your baby’s name is an important decision to get right, it has to be a name you love, work with your surname, but it has to be able to grow with your child.

“It’s important to remember that as quickly as a name may have risen to fame when you have your baby, it could easily fall out of favour just as quick.

Parents wanting an unusual name should be mindful that names that seem uncommon can quickly trigger trends which result in them becoming common in the classroom. For example, the name Isla was the fourth most popular girls’ this year.

“Resurrecting a name, perhaps as a tribute to a family member, is more likely to guarantee the uniqueness these days.”

NORTHAMPTON - TOP BOYS NAMES 2015 (and movement on 2014)

1. Oliver (no change)

2. Oscar (up 1)

3. Harry (down 1)

4. Leo (up 17)

5. George (up 10)

6. Jack (no change)

7. Joshua (up 5)

8. Noah (up 3)

9. Charlie (down 2)

10. Freddie (down 6) 

NORTHAMPTON - TOP GIRLS NAMES 2015 (and movement on 2014)

1. Amelia (no change)

2. Olivia (no change)

3. Jessica (up 1)

4. Emily (down 1)

5. Isabella (up 5)

6. Mia (up 7)

7. Ava (up 11)

8. Grace (up 5)

9. Evie (up 15)

10. Sophie (down 5)