Top bosses at charity hospital in Northampton paid £1.9m

Gil Baldwin was paid a �99,000 bonus
Gil Baldwin was paid a �99,000 bonus

Seven executives at a charitable hospital in Northampton were each paid more than £200,000 last year, latest accounts show.

And the new figures reveal the total amount spent on payments for St Andrew’s Hospital’s eight executive directors, including pay, bonuses, benefits and pensions, exceeded £1.9 million.

Several members of the St Andrew’s executive team also received substantial bonuses, with Warren Irving, its chief operating officer, being paid £43,000 and Fiona Mason, its chief medical officer, getting a £40,000 bonus.

Thomas Harris, the charity’s chief finance officer and interim company secretary, received a £51,000 bonus.

A total of 144 employees were paid £60,000 or more in 2015/16, up from 138 in the previous year, the accounts show.

St Andrew’s has been criticised for salary levels before.

Former CEO Philip Sugarman, being paid £751,000 in his final year, including a £285,000 wage and pay in lieu of notice of £389,000.

Gil Baldwin, who became CEO in July 2014, was paid a basic wage of £328,000 in the year to 31 March 2016, and £489,000 once a £99,000 bonus, pension and other benefits were added.

St Andrew’s Healthcare - which runs the mental health hospital, one of the largest in Europe - said the quality of its leadership justified the money paid.

A spokeswoman said: “As a major charity playing a vital role in the support of patients with very complex needs, it’s essential that we have strong leadership. Without it, we won’t achieve our vision of transforming lives by building world-class mental healthcare services.

“World-class services need world-class leadership, and our board and court of governors recognise that it’s well worth investing in this level of leader.”