Ticketed drivers at Northampton car park question fines after travellers spend five days on site

Frustrated customers who were ticketed at Northampton Railway Station while travellers left caravans on site for five days say they will not pay their fines.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 12:27 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 1:33 pm
Travellers were parked on the Northampton Railway Station car park for five days.

The train station's private car park was home to over 10 caravans, mobile homes and accompanying vehicles this week as travellers pitched up on site.

They arrived on Sunday (September 9) and claimed around 30 spaces during their five-day stay.

Now, other motorists who used the car park and were ticketed during the travellers' stay say they do not see why they should have to pay.

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One customer who was ticketed wrote on Twitter: "I won't be paying for this whilst there is a traveller encampment in Northampton carp park who are also not paying for parking."

Indigo Services Ltd, which runs the railway station car park, say they were advised by police not to approach the travellers.

A spokesman for Indigo said: "This issue was handled by British Transport Police and we followed its advice as you would expect.

"We wouldn’t be able to comment on the way BTP handled it and or the length of time it took to resolve it.

Northampton residents are asking why they should pay yellow tickets if travellers can stay on site for five days without cost.

"Clearly, we’d expect customers to follow the terms and conditions of parking or, as was the case with the travellers, we’ll take the appropriate steps."

The price of a daily ticket to park on Northampton Railway Station is £9.50.

Soon after the travellers arrived, A spokeswoman for London Northwestern Railway said: "The car park is for the use of rail passengers and our priority is to continue to provide a service for them. We have increased patrols of the car park for the peace of mind of our customers, should anyone be concerned about the current proximity of the temporary traveller base.”