Three or more cautions given to 45 people in Northamptonshire in one year

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A total of 45 people were given three or more cautions in one year by Northamptonshire Police, new figures reveal.

The figures, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, show that in 2013, 30 people were given three cautions, six people were cautioned four times and nine were cautioned more than four times.

The overall figures for three or more cautions fell in the previous two years, totalling 77 in 2011 and 48 in 2012.

Northamptonshire Police said officers do not typically give people multiple cautions for the same offence.

Andrew Wilson, head of Wootton Hall’s justice department said: “There may be occasions where the use of cautions for multiple offences may be appropriate.

“These would typically relate to an admission for a series of related low level offences rather than the use of separate cautions for different unrelated offences over the course of a year, which would not be an appropriate way of tackling continuing offending behaviour.”

Northamptonshire Police said it now has panel to review, on a regular basis, the out-of-court disposals issued by Northamptonshire Police.

The committee is chaired by a Magistrate and comprises representatives from the Crown Prosecution Service, Probation, HM Courts and Tribunal Services, Youth Offending Service, Northamptonshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. A police spokeswoman said: “Members review the sanctions to make sure they are being used correctly and provide feedback where necessary.”