Thousands of pounds worth of flowers disappear from Northampton park

Abington Park
Abington Park

A frustrated gardener has voiced concerns after thousands of pounds worth of water lilies, which he planted in a Northampton park, mysteriously disappeared.

Mark Brereton, who breeds the flowers for his business in Cheltenham, planted over 700 lilies in the main pond in Abington Park last September.

But, just as they were beginning to flower for the first time, he said, they were all removed without warning and nobody has owned up.

Mr Brereton said: “We got full permission from Northampton Borough Council to plant the flowers there and, even though a local group reported it to the police because they were concerned about the effect on the pond’s wildlife, the police ruled that they were safe and legal.

“It’s just a shame because we were hoping that they would be something nice for the community to enjoy this summer, and we got positive feedback from a lot of people when we planted them. I used to live near the park for 15 years before moving to Essex and I wanted to bring the lilies here because I thought it would really brighten up the park.”

A spokesman for Northampton Borough Council confirmed: “We gave permission for the lilies to be put in the lake last year. We have not removed them and neither have we instructed anyone to remove them on our behalf.”